St Joseph's Catholic Church, Brighouse

Learn and Grow

Welcome to St Joseph's learn and grow space. It's spring 2022, new beginnings and this is an evolving piece of work. Last year I completed the Called and Gifted short course, detailed below and on separate page . I mention this in the hope you will overlook any errors which I take responsibility for but also to make you aware I am a parishioner. 

Fr Michael has kindly allowed me this space to experiment with my discernment process and the Charism of Knowledge.  Through my own process of learning and growing I hope to share my faith in fellowship with you...  

Called and Gifted

Called and Gifted is a short online course recommended by Fr Michael Hall which some parishioners have completed. It’s from the Catherine of Siena Institute designed to help Christians discern the presence of charisms in their lives. Charisms, or spiritual gifts, are special abilities given to all Christians by the Holy Spirit to give them power both to represent Christ and to be a channel of God's goodness for people. Whether extraordinary or ordinary, all charisms ought to be exercised in the service of God (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2003).  All three parts of the process are necessary for discovering where you are gifted. 

  • Part One is the Called and Gifted workshop, which lays the foundation for the beginning of discernment. During the initial Called & Gifted workshop series the participants will take the Catholic Spiritual Gifts Inventory.
  • Part Two is the one hour gifts interview, an invaluable part of the process. 
  • Part Three helps you begin discernment in the real world. It will teach you how to:
    • develop charism experiments
    • evaluate your results
    • identify ways you learned to control life as a child that get in the way of using your charisms as an adult.

The leaflet below also provides more details.

Life Transfigured 2022 – Faith & The Arts

Life Transfigured is a series of talks and workshops organised by the Diocese of Leeds which looks at the interaction between the Arts and the Catholic Faith.  The programme includes speakers from a variety of backgrounds, such as those working in the visual arts, dance, theatre and theology. 

A poster containing the listings for the eleven special events throughout 2022 can be viewed below. More details about individual events are available here

Recordings are available to watch here on the Diocese of Leeds Vicariate for Education youtube channel.

Decree on the Apostolate of the Laity

Decree on the Apostolate of the Laity is an important document for parishioners still relevant today. It is one of sixteen documents to come out of the Second Vatican council process. The other documents are available on the Vatican website and can be accessed here   

The Second Vatican Council has had a profound influence on the life, teaching and worship of the Catholic church and yet – as Pope Benedict XVI so rightly pointed out – the Council’s documents are hardly ever read by anyone!

Fr Mark Jarmuz has written a short six-session course, offering an introduction to the themes and teachings of the Council documents, as well as points for reflection.

It is suitable either for personal or group use and can be found at: